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I HATE people who…

are fake.

"Oh I love Star Wars. My favorite was Attack of the Jedi" Really… REALLY. No you fag you’re a liar.

Also if you own ONE star wars shirt (the black one.. from walmart) and are all “yeah dude… I love Star Wars so much.” Really? I have a shirt with cats on it… I HATE cats. My dad got it as a joke. True story.

Or if we go into Hottopic so I can get tapers and you freak out because there’s weird people inside. Call me a nerd in Walmart because you see someone you know and are trying to impress them. Argue about something that I own that you don’t and I know how it works. Tell me you hate Star Wars. Then try to get with one of my friends who is madly in love with it? Then when I say “she hates Star Wars” you freak out and say “No i don’t bla bla bla” no. stop.

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